Albert Kodagolian
Alex Roberts
Anton Jøsef
Chloe Wallace
Claire Carré
Erik Morales
Gerson Aguerri
Karen Fischer
Ry Russo-Young
Warren Fischer

BUNKER stands out as an innovative creative studio adept at navigating the multidisciplinary worlds of advertising, art, film, fashion, music, and technology.

Founded by Artists, we encourage and nurture a collaborative approach that offers our clients access to a deep talent pool of Directors, Artists, Writers, Editors, Designers, and Musicians.

BUNKER has created and produced work for brands, arts organizations, and record labels such as MoMA, Capitol Records, Damiani, Centre Georges Pompidou, Gavin Brown Enterprises, and countless consumer brands.

BUNKER’s essential qualities are reflected in its attention to detail, the originality of its work and the professionalism of its team.