Jeff Tremaine
Daniel Junge
Kyle Ruddick
Annie Saunders
Jim Sheridan
KK Barrett
Ethan Tobman
Heath Cullens
Billy Rainey
Mike Marshall

Nicole McDonald
Joseph Bennett
Nathan Crowley
Kinetic Magic
Les Enfants Terribles
Ben and Julia
Jem Goulding

HēLō is the result of decades of experience in talent management, digital, and production agency work – and one pivotal conversation. The production company model is broken. The 30 second spot isn’t everything. A good experience, a memorable one, really sticks with you. You see it, you touch it, you feel it.

We thought about Hollywood production designers – the people tasked with creating new worlds out of nothing. What if we approached all of our projects the same way? What if we approached every new challenge with a creative, designers’ eye, to bring together all the senses, create new worlds, and transport people – no matter what format or where it lives?

We’re HēLō, combining design, creative, technology, and storytelling to create seamless experiences that people want to be a part of. Not interruptions.